Umesh Ghimire unveils Nepal Khabar as the ultimate go-to app for all Nepali news online. The app makes it easier for the digital newspaper reader to access filtered Nepali news on his digital display online and offline. The app enables customization of categories of interest and caters to various platforms such as Google Play, Apple App Store and more in the near future.

The app intends to generate revenues through app prices as well as advertisements and expect that up to a million people (approximately one third of the national population) will be interested in purchasing the news portal app.

The total coverage of the app includes 7 English news portals with 600 stories under 34 categoaries and 8 Nepali news portals with 500 stories under 53 categories. The app will feature both Nepali and English scripts and enable social media sharing as well as the recently up-and-coming mobile reporting.

Future additions include video stream on YouTube, location-based news features, marketplace for news portals to buy mobile reports and adding news portals of countries with Nepali immigrant workers.