At 9:00 am sharp, the pitching session of Pivot Nepal grand finale began with the finalists from the Business and Financial Services category. Mr. Anish Shrestha from eSewa presented first. He said eSewa strives to be the one stop funds transfer gateway for the nation. Following eSewa was M-Insurance. Mr. Vivek Bhusal presented the app as a way to organize insurance digitally providing hassle free insurance, easy claim services and direct access to policy information, claim assistance, enquiry and push notification. Then came Miss Sonika Manandhar for Mobile Survey, the app that focuses on the practical usage of mobile application to collect survey data for research. Following which was Parakhi's Hotel Booking App that features hotel listing, search by location/hotel name, bookings, maps, hotel reviews through Facebook and sharing links. After that, Mr Bimal Maharjan for Storesmunk claimed that the app will end the hassles related to loyalty cards and will make shopping easier and smarter. Finally, in the business and financial services category, Trek Guide presented the app as an information bank for the trekkers with information about travel, cost, lodging, intermediate agencies etc.

After a short break, started the presentation from Social Development category. Mr. Prashanta Neupane for Agro Nepal, aimed to provide information related to agriculture through the app and provide security to the farmers. Next was Birthday Forest which tried to reduce the problems of deforestration by allowing a medium for people to request planting a tree on their birthdays. Miss Anjana Manandhar for Life Saver created the app with the belief that such an emergency app is needed which would save people from life threatening emergencies such as accidents, rapes, kidnapping etc. Then came M-Varnamala, Mr Rajan Maharjan presented the app as the advanced and interesting way of learning Nepali for kids through the game like interfaces. Mr Shirish Maharjan representing Road Damage Reporing system presented the app as a solution for reporting and solving road damages in Nepal. Sarkari Karyalaya Guide concluded the social development category. Mr Suhan Nepal promised to ease legal procedures by providing information on legal governmental procedures to citizens through the app Sarkari Karyalaya guide.

The Utilities and Entertainment category began after the break with the presentation by Mr. Dixit Bhatta for Blame the Stars. He said the app will help to digitize astrology in a mass scale in Nepal. Following which Mr Rohit Joshi and Miss Sweta Shrestha presented the app Eventbook that simplifies the process of finding events around a place and people, for the event organizer to promote their events and the event goers to find and attend the events. Mr. Umesh Ghimire, for Nepal Khabar said the app makes it easier for the digital newspaper reader to access filtered Nepali news on his digital display online and offline. Mr Richan Shrestha for nLocate said  the app was created to meet the growing need for locating useful local resources such as restaurants, ATMs etc. The final presentation was from Mr Amit Bhandari for Race your town which was the only game in the event which was purely meant for fun.

In the afternoon, the judges visited the stalls placed by the teams in the venue. This provided an opportunity for the teams to showcase their products better and interact with the judges. The judges evaluated the teams not only on the basis of their presentation in the morning pitching session but also based on the teams' interaction in their stalls.

In the evening, after the chief guest, Mr Bhaskar Rajkarnikar, Senior Vice President, Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Indutries, arrived, there was a brief walkthrough about Pivot Nepal explaining what all did it take to reach till the day of Pivot Nepal grand finale. Then, Miss Claire Buré, partner and co-founder, Commons11, one of the jury members explained the criteria on which the judgment was made such as whether the app makes social business sense, how capable of catering to social problems the apps are. Mr Samir Thapa, President, Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs' Forum, then handed over the Tokens of appreciation to the jury members and coach; Ms. Claire Buré (partner and co-founder, Commons11), Mr. Bal Krishna Joshi (Founder of Thamel.Com), Mr. Abhinab Basnyat (Founding director of Biruwa Ventureus), Mr. John Snowden (Director of Solution, CloudFactory), Mr. Shashi Bhattarai (Consultant to InfoDev), Mr. Anil Chitrakar (Social Entrepreuner), Mr. Suman Shakya (Digitainment) and Mr. Sohan Babu Khatri (CEO, 3H Management).

There was much cheering as the winners of Pivot Nepal were announced. The winners are as follows:

Business & Financial Services Winner: USD 1000: eSewa (fund transfer gateway)

Social Development: USD 1000: Birthday Forest (tree plantation)

Utilities & Entertainment: USD 1000: nLocate (resources location services)

PIVOT Nepal 2013 Winner: Additional USD 3000: nLocate!

The chief guest, Mr. Bhaskar RajKarnikar gave his remarks extending on FNCCI's gratitude for the initiative of sponsors and facilitators in providing this platform and congratulating the winners and participants. Finally, Mr. Bibhusan Bista, CEO, YoungInnovations, gave closing remarks highlighting how far the IT industry has come in Nepal in recent years. He commended Nepali entrepreuners' commitment and appluded the efforts of all participants. He gave well-deserved thanks to all supporters, facilitators, volunteers, logistics, jury members and all other involved parties. The evening ended with an exquisite cocktail party at the spectacular Radisson banquet hall.