Being Responsible

I just freak out when I think about global warming and its impact and I just wish i could undo its impact.Now its time to revise the way I live and never repeat the error I have done. I take from environment and its time to give to the environment so that my upcoming versions live healthy life. So, I will return a tree every year to environment and i do it with birthdayforest app.  


Make sure of your next Birthday

Manipulating one's life through some basic school maths, 
Total Population on earth                           = 7.08 billion
Trees Available on earth (NASA)                = 400,246,300,201 (400 billion)
Using unitary method,
Trees available per person                         = 400.246/7.08 ~= 61
Air 1 person breathes (in a year)                 = 9.5 tonnes of air
O2 1 person breathes (in a year)                 = 0.23*9.5 tonnes 

Growth Of Startup Culture

Entrepreneurship programs, hackathon is kind a viral in Nepal at the moment. And every one seems to be in the race to create next big thing in Nepal and looking to change the world. I can hear at least one program in a week, related to entrepreneurship / hackathon. With the increase in literacy rate, returning of skilled people from abroad, increasing growth of internet users and penetration of mobile technology in nepal, I feel the time is changing and there seems to be a bright future to start a venture in nepal.

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