Chris Sprague is the CTO of Leapfrog Technology.  Chris joined Leapfrog after four years as CEO and CTO of OpenStudy, an education social network where 700,000 students each month help each other do homework, understand lessons, and prepare for tests - all in real-time.  He led OpenStudy from its inception through several million (USD) in funding by Silicon Valley VCs, The Bill Gates Foundation, and the National Science foundation in the US. 

Chris graduated from Stanford University in 2002 with a degrees in Symbolic Systems and Computer Science, with a focus on Human Computer Interaction.  He graduated from Georgia Tech with a Masters of Computer Science in 2004, before leading technology teams at Oracle and other Valley-based startups before co-founding OpenStudy.  He has also advised several startups both in He has a passion for all things technology, startups, and education.