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Mr Tom Dai is an ardent trekker.He plans to do trekking twice a year. Right now his trekking destination is Nepal and his trekking route is Annapurna Circuit. He has arrived in Nepal and he has encountered a problem in getting overall information about Annapurna Circuit.



Tom Dai has been browsing various sites searching about information of Annapurna Circuit. After getting information he makes notes and saves them. He contacted 3 travel agents and retrieved various information about the trekking circuit. He then saved those information too. He is also searching for trekkers who have already taken Annapurna Ciruit ,so that they could give insights on trails and various points of the trek.Tom Dai being a budget traveller, wants to calculate how much it would roughly take to complete his Annapurna Circuit quest. Tom Dai is also curious to know what weather would be like there at this season.




Tom Dai has a smartphone with TG(Trek Guide) app installed on it.



Tom Dai launches TG app, and selects Annapurna Circuit.


a) He finds out what will be the weather out there @ this time of season and gets information about type of clothes he should pack


b) He wants some trekking gear,so he finds out trekking gear suppliers where he can buy or burrow his needed trekking gears


c) He looks upon the gallery of the circuit where he finds pictures and videos of that circuit and is mesmerized by the beauty of Annapurna Circuit.


d) He is fearful about altitude sickness,so he quickly gets information about points on the circuit where there is possibility of altitude sickness or not. At the same time he gets information about other health issues that he should be cautious about.


e) He is allergic to some type of food,so he finds out what type of food will be offered by hotels and restaurants around that circuit. Then at the same time he gets information about hotels,lodges around that circuit and their standard rates.


f) He always values his smartphone and recently bought Nikon D7000,so he finds out type of energy source available on that circuit for the purpose of charging his valuables. The reason he values his smartphone is that he needs to show his friends about his trekking ,through Facebook status. So he is in need of internet availability and through TG he finds out the points on the circuit,where there is internet availability.


g) Tom Dai always wants to travel light if possible. But his belongings are not always light,so he needs porters who can carry out his belongings. From TG he finds the contact number of porters whom he can phones and finds out their availability. Further he also gets contact information about travel guide from TG app.



h) He is also cautious while trekking and always carries emergency numbers .So through TG app,he finds out the emergency numbers he can contact while traversing Annapurna Circuit.


I) Now he finds what transportation medium is needed to go to starting point of Annapurna Ciruit and their respective charges and schedules.


j) With all these information,he calculates total cost that would be required to complete his trekking and he is happy that this cost is within his budget.



Now he prepares all his items and heads off to Annapurna Circuit. After reaching the starting point on the Circuit he again launches TG app.


a) He sees Annapurna Circuit on Map View and finds out that this circuit is divided into 10 checkpoints


b) He sees the distance between two checkpoints


c) He sees availability of drinking water at various checkpoints. So he roughly gets ideas about checkpoints where he should carry drinking water until and unless he reaches other checkpoint where he can refill his water supply.


d) He also sees dangerous trails between checkpoints and cautionary action to be taken while covering out that trail.


e) He finds that at certain checkpoint there won't be any lodging,so it is marked as camping site on map.


f) Tom Dai is little doubtful whether all these information are valid or not. Then arriving upon checkpoint, he gets option of uploading information about the checkpoint he covered.So he finds that all the checkpoint information is partially done by TG(back end) and partially by the travellers.While submitting information he finds out that there is an option to include his contact information so that he may be contacted by other fellow travellers to know about information of Annapurna Circuit


g) Tom Dai is surprised that all the checkpoints information is available offline also which helped him a lot during his trail.And each checkpoint has some noticeable images associated with it,so that Tom Dai could identify himself when he reached that checkpoint.


(Note: Right now we are planning to include 3 major trekking route of Nepal,but later it can house more trekking routes of Nepal)

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