Mar 07, 2013 - 12:35:01


Supermarkets, entertainment businesses, clothing stores, coffee shops etc issue loyalty or membership cards. They use such cards to retain their customers, expand their customer base by giving the customers privileged discounts and offers.

Problems for Customers

Customers have many loyalty/membership cards. They have to carry those cards in their wallet/bags. This is cumbersome. That way customers often forget their cards at home and miss availing the benefits of their shopping despite having the loyalty or membership cards.
Through cards customers cannot get updates on new deals, new offers, new arrivals. Though they sometimes get updates through sms they still cannot follow the stores they shop from for latest updates, seasonal discounts and promotions.

Problems for Stores

The loyalty/membership cards do not allow businesses to stay in close connection with their customer. Businesses have to spend a lot on advertisements through web, newspapers or sms which may not reach out to their target customers.
Many stores can't have loyalty card system because of expenses that would incur.

Value proposition

Substitute the loyalty/membership card with an app in smart phones. Customers may forget their cards but they rarely forget to carry their mobile phones.

For customers

An app through which loyalty/membership cards can be accessed. So, customers need not carry their cards and miss their points.
An app through which customers can follow, like, review the stores and get updates such as promotional schemes, new offers and arrivals etc.
An app through which customers can share their shopping items etc. in social media such as facebook, twitter, google+.

For Businesses

An app that assures that the information reaches the targeted customers which is not guaranteed through advertisement in newspapers, tv, web etc.
An app through which businesses can reach out to their customers without any hassles of advertisement in media and with far less expenses.
An app is a tool for direct to customers marketing. Also, as customers can share their shopping experience and items in social media, this helps in expansion of customer base through the means of word of mouth.
An app through which even small businesses could implement loyalty system in a cost effective manner.

Revenue Stream

Businesses pay for the services to implement loyalty/membership card system through this app.

What is unique about the idea?

First of all, this is never implemented in Nepal. There are players in the international market with apps which replace membership card, loyalty card, coupons. But this app will be much more than just those features. One key feature will to be follow stores and businesses not just for new offers but also for engagement between the customers and businesses. 



Stage of Idea:
Idea Conception


Bimal Maharjan
(Team Leader)