Mar 12, 2013 - 14:08:49

Completing work related to Government Offices in Nepal is always a daunting task for Nepali citizens. Sarkari Karyalaya App promises to ease this hassle by listing step by step legal procedures, their duration of completion  and their costs involved (with the total cost) in related Government offices. 

The proposed app will have following major sections:

1. Karyalaya Guide: Here people can search for procedures and details about work done on government offices through a search box and also by an organized list of offices.

2. Forum: This will have categories like Ask a question, Start a discussion, and Suggestion box.

We can say that this will be one of a kind portal providing vital information regading government offices to the general public and concerned authorities. Here we can see real world people's feedback regarding the system and also save their valuable time.


Stage of Idea:
Idea Conception


Suhan Nepal
(Team Leader)