Mar 05, 2013 - 18:55:42

Damaged road is one of the main problem faced by people living in the urban areas of developing countries like Kathmandu, Nepal. Such roads are not maintained in time due to lack of proper reporting. We can develop such a system for smart phones having Global Positioning System (GPS) which can report the damaged road immediately by uploading the location of the damaged roadways to the server of concerned office (road department or municipality). It helps the officers of the concerned office to know about the damaged road and maintain it immediately.

The system is a web-based smart phone app enabling GPS and using map as database. Every civilian of the area can install app in their smart phone and in the way if they see a damaged road, they can report it. The location of that device is noted by help of GPS and it can be uploaded on the same time or later by help of internet, The location is then recorded in the map of the server.

The system is more accurate to locate the damaged road. The pictorial method of representing the damaged part is easier to learn than by reporting via application letters. Hence, it would be easier to locate and maintain it immediately. Since, the map is publicly available, one can see the map before going on the road and take an alternate road if it is damaged. We can also develop a warning system in the app which warns the user if the road they are going is damaged. It would be helpful for faster development of urban and sub urban areas of developing countries.

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Shirish Maharjan
(Team Leader)