Mar 11, 2013 - 12:04:53

" We are constructing an information highway between businesses and their customers. Our objective is to establish a new media involving mobile phones, that is easy, accessible, cost effective and effecient.
Why mobile phones ? because they are so near and dear to everybody, we carry it wherever we go: from kitchen to the restrooms. from office to fitness clubs. everywhere."

How often have you asked the following questions to yourself?

  1. My bike tyre went flat. Where can I find  the nearest workshop?
  2. Are there any clothing store with "Winter SALE" offer around Kumaripati ?
  3. Which restaurants in New Baneshwar has a LIVE Music this Friday evening? Does it Barbeque?
  4. Which Cinema Halls in Kathmandu are showing “Kai Po Che” ? Is there a discount available for any showtime ?

We need answers to such questions every now and then. But in Nepal, most of the data needed to answer these kind of questions are still not available in the internet. Even if they are, it’s scattered all around, and hence; finding the right answer would almost be like a research, which would take few hours, if not few days. This is where nLocate comes in to make everyone’s life easier.

nLocate is a mobile application; for Android and iOS compatible devices; which helps people discover interesting events, offers and places around their locality. nLocate does so by collecting the needed data from disparate sources, providing contextual structure to the data and making it accessible on the GO, through mobile apps.

nLocate differentiates itself compared to other similar services, in the way it serves relevant hyper-local information to the people with a very simple user interface so that the needed information can be found very easily.

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Deepen Chapagain
(Team Leader)