Mar 06, 2013 - 15:52:26

What is Nepal Khabar?

NepalKhabar is a fully personalized news app.The objective of this app is to  enhance and simplify the process of reading news on a Smartphone.  Targeted mainly to Nepalese audience, the app brings all the news contents of popular online Nepalese news portals and BBC under one app thus simplifying news browsing.  The app also removes the hassle of logging onto various news websites individually.News Sources for this app include Kantipur, BBC, Nagarik News, Himal Khabar, My Sansar, Karobar, HamraKura, Image Channel, My Republica, Nepali Times and Online Khabar.

If you are bored of newspapers that are filled with ads that you don't really care about, if you are interested in news related to a certain category, if something important is happening around you and you want to report about, if the size of font in Newspapers are too small and every time you want to read it, you need to find your reading glasses, if you are tired of buying various newspapers daily and you want to remain informed but do not have time or resources to go through numerous newspapers, then NepalKhabar app is there for you. NepalKhabar is packed with these notable features, which will probably change the way news is consumed. It is the taste of a future slice of informational pie today!

Features :-

  • Free news consumption anywhere, anytime, without relying on physical newspapers that take a toll on the environment.
  • Access to the multiple established newspapers and news portals like BBC, eKantipur, Nagariknews and many more without browsing individual websites.
  • News and articles can be shared using social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • You can choose your own language – the app supports both Nepali and English.
  • Users can also switch between a darker and a lighter background as per their need while reading the news
  • The offline news reading feature makes sure that you can read the news in places where internet  may not  be available.
  • You can choose your favorite newspapers and news categories.
  • Easy navigation, clean and simple reading environment, drag and drop facilities helping you to customize your news reading preferences.
  • The Nepali font is integrated seamlessly into the app, and unlike other apps, reading in Nepali is easy and convenient.


NepalKhabar will revolutionize the way news is consumed, and it is bound to do so looking at the decreasing trend of newspaper subscribers. Further, a contemporary human does not have a  lot of time on his/her hands, and is looking for efficient means to meet their needs.

We understand that even the best ideas may be improved upon. Therefore we have the following future plans.

  • Provide a platform where NepalKhabar users can submit their own news stories from around their locality using video upload feature.
  • To bring together news categories from various news sources together.
  • You can use pinch to zoom feature to adjust the font size.
  • Report  stories you care about through videos. It provides an opportunity to be a part of a national community of men and women who are as passionate about the news as you are.
  • The videos  will be checked or screened before they post. A moderator will check out some of the most compelling, important and urgent iReport and, once they're cleared for NepalKhabar, make them a part of NepalKhabar's news coverage.
  • To let users download images from the newspapers.

Nepalkhabar App is unique for the number of features it comes with and  is highly flexible. You won't come across a news app with so many personalization options. It will help to augment a person’s personality.  So, if you want to remain informed, entertained or educated, this is the App that serves you the best.

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Umesh Ghimire
(Team Leader)