Mar 02, 2013 - 13:20:53

Many organizations, university students, NGOs, INGOs needs to survey on different required topics to fulfill their plans and organizational or educational goals. The trend they have been using is recruit some personnel to collect the surveys on field and later update their report. With our app, Mobile Survey we are to trying to replace the traditional paper-based survey and develop a totally new mobile system to collect the survey data. 

Who can use "Mobile Survey"?

NGOs, INGOs, University Students(Masters, PHD, etc), govermental organizations related with health, education, population, community development etc. can use our application to improve and achieve their goals. Private companies also can use our app to do the survey of their products.

Features of "Mobile Survey":

  1. Multiple survey categories display in user's mobile device.
  2. Choose between multiple survey categories.
  3. Offline survey entry and submit when user's mobile device connects with internet.
  4. View survey result.


Stage of Idea:


Sonika Manandhar
(Team Leader)