Mar 04, 2013 - 12:53:33

Montessori Learning for kids have been a new and famous approach for teaching kids. We believe must of your kids also love to use Smart Phones and Tablets.

So our basic Application idea is to transfer the teaching techniques which are used in Montessori into a Smart Phone & Tablet Game Application. We will be using a gamification technology to teach your kids. Kids always love to interact with graphics and games. Through our application your kids not only spend time enjoying the game graphics but will also learn and develop their educational skills. Following will be the features of our app.

  1. Develop motor skills of the kids
  2. Learn through playing games
  3. Learn Nepali and Engish Language
  4. Intelligent and Interactive games to motivate kids to learn more
  5. Targets Local Kids to learn from Smart Phones as well
  6. Targets Nepali kids living abroad to learn Nepali Language
Stage of Idea:


Rajan Maharjan
(Team Leader)