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Connecting insurance companies with insurers


Most of the things are insured these days. Our bike, our car, our office and what not. Almost everything we own is insured. We buy the insurance because we should. But what next after we bought the insurance? Do we have every information we need to take benefit out of you insurance. Probably not! Even if we have, probably we need to scan through the piles of papers. There are many problems like that?

Some of them are:

Problems for Insurers in Nepal:

  1. Policy renewal reminder

There is  no way that we get any reminder about the policies. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get renewal reminders about all the insurance policies we buy so that we need worry about the remembering or reading piles of documents?

  1. Claim process/ Renewal process:

We buy insurance policies when we have to claim for insurance. Do we have the information which are relevant to us? If we buy insurance policy for motor bike why should be read the policies for cars and so on? Why can’t i get personalized information for my policies?

  1. Premium Payment

Only option we have right now is to go to the insurance office and pay the premium. Why should be take the trouble to physically go and make payment. Why can’t we do through a smart-phone?

  1. Initiate claim, claim status

When we have to claim something, we do not know what are the documents needed to claim. To go further, why can’t we initiate claim through an app immediately after we need to claim. Currently, we claim for insurance we need call the company or go to check the status. For a simple work like getting the status information of the claim why should we spend so much time and effort. Why can’t we check the status of the claim through the smartphone app?

Problems for Insurance Companies in Nepal:

  1. Disconnection with insurers


Currently, there is no medium to be in communication with the insurers. Problems faced by the insurers are the exact problems also faced by the insurance companies.


As an insurance company, it would want to provide  an easy and up to date information about the policies, premiums, claims. The easier the process for insurers to take benefit out of insurance company the lesser will be chances of it’s customer being poached by rivals.



A mobile app that solves four listed above for the insurers and for builds constant communication between the insurer and insurance companies.

A mobile app which also be able to interact with existing insurance softwares so that mobile app adds a lot of value to both insurers and insurance companies.

Value Proposition

For insurers/customers:

  • Better, up-to-date  and personalized accessibility the insurance policies;
  • Easier premium payment
  • Helps in the claiming process and also claim related information
  • Saves a time,effort and money.

For insurance companies

  • Improves customer retention

Helps to maintain direct communication with customers so that better service can be given to the customers. The better the service, the more will the customer retention.

  • Helps in customer acquistion

Customers would want to buy insurance from the companies which gives better service than the companies which do not.

Why this will work in Nepal?
First, mInsurance is unheard of  in Nepal let alone being implemented. Second, This app solves the problems of many insurers(problems stated above are the problems we face as insurers).
Therefore, this app is an innovation in an insurance industry in Nepal.

Revenue Model

Insurance companies charges insurers for installing an App. We will share the app installation revenues. In addition to the installation charges, also renewal charges would be applicable.

Stage of Idea:
Idea Conception


Vivek Bhusal
(Team Leader)