Mar 15, 2013 - 23:34:35

This is a social health platform where everybody from across the country and even the world posts their health platform.Now we know in out rural areas of NEPAL we don't have immediate reach of  doctors .With this app we can give appropriate health measures and tips or supporting videos. We can have doctors on line or even other people experiencing similar problems.These people can involve in a group chat and talk about their problems and solutions.In this app we can also keep in formation about different medicines and also use of locally available herbs to solve common diseases. We also have thought of keeping a medicine remainder keeping a NEPALI voice which remainds the patients about the medicines to take at appropriate time . Most of us have habit to forget time of taking medicine so with this alert patients can be accurate about their medication time and similarly alert about their checkups . We also thought of keeping essential medical record in same app such as BP , bloodgroup,WBC count , etc about a patient so that it will be useful in future chekups . Thus all in all it is a complete medical solution for every individuals.The main features thus are:

1. Medical information

2.Exchange information about illness

3.Give awareness informations

4. Medicine remainder

Stage of Idea:
Idea Conception


Manoj Acharya
(Team Leader)