Mar 15, 2013 - 22:22:10



Eventonite is an amazing mobile application which helps people to locate the Event happening in diffrent places with an absolutely easy User interface.

It uses facebook API to extract event from user's event list (on authorization) and redirects to Eventonite thus the user can RSVP/Checkin via Eventonite app and it will get updated in facebook user id (optional). The Event Organizers, Event Managers , Resturants, Pubs can easily become members of Eventonite and can promote their events by updating their event detalis using our Web-based System which will then push the details to our application. A user can customize RSVP and check-in using Eventonite.

Extra Features:
This app also has other key featurs like Calender and Select city which will be very helpful to the users. 

Who will use Eventonite?
If a user has a plan to go to Pokhara after 3 months . He can go to the place and then check into calender that available events for those days in pokhara where he can RSVP those event from any corner of the world . Those feature will get synced into Eventonite app.  
Stage of Idea:
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