Mar 15, 2013 - 23:59:05

We have always seen marketing and business driven by business house or sellers. It is always business house who posts 

the ads and the customers use search engine or magazine and other sources to find deals suitable for them.
Assume you are a customer,what if you can just post what product you want to buy with your requirements and then relax. What if someone else including the businesss house comes ahead and provide you your required deals. 
That is exactly what this system does, it  redefines marketing, in new approach, making it customer driven.
A customer can pick choices from among deals which are all suitable for him/her. Business house on the other end can get the right customer without bombarding thousands and thousands of people with ads, investing huge amount of money, in the hope that  at least some of the people will become customers. This apps save a lot of their investment and pinpoints them the right customer. 
How does the system works
Buyer( Service seeker)
  • category
  • subcategory
  • model/brand
  • product description
  • price range
  • available area
  • date range
  • new/used
Seller ( Service Provider)
  1. Checks listed wish deals
  2. Post deals for their product which match the deals requested by buyers
  3. Add details of the product/deal to customer
System search
  1. Searches online for customer wish deals on product
  2. Prepares a list of found items
  3. Post deals for product searched
Buyer(customer) dashboard
  1. Sees list of products added as wishdeals
  2. List of suitable deals found by service provider + net search
  3. Check details
  4. Buy product


Business Model

  1. Seller need to pay for registeration
  2. Seller can post the matched deals to single customer without any charge. If they feel that some of their deals are so popular that they can go to every buyer, seller pay for publishing the  deals in public 
  3. Integrate third party payment model (like esewa), and charge specific rate for each sale
Stage of Idea:


(Team Leader)