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Astrology has always and will always be  a  booming market around  the world,  despite many technological advancements and scientific findings people have always believed in  astrology as a  matter of  fact technology has even helped astrology  grow.

Basically there are three reasons for people to visit an astrologer

Curiosity: let’s  face it whether you  are scientist  or  a doctor you  are  curious about  your future, and somehow  we all    want  to know about our future and astrology is only the  field of study  which provides reading the future backed by a systematic  approach.

For  guidance in decision: As  above  when we  want to  know the  future  we  also want to make choice  and astrology  helps  make  the  correct  choices  for a  better future.

Crisis:  It is said that when people are in crisis and there is no way out majority of the people turn to astrology  for some  answers.

Blame the stars
When people normally hear about  the term "astrology" they tend to get  curious  and  also serious astrology in not all  about fortune telling, its also about providing  solutions and one of the best thing about astrology is  it acts as placebo effect as in medicine to  heal a person, If provided with right kind of counseling it helps people. Besides astrology can also be a lot of fun therefore with blamethestars people can have fun with astrology and get the best counseling from our astrologers.

Our Idea
There are growing number of Nepalese around  the world, despite where they live they  want  to be connected to their roots and culture and Vedic tradition is our root which includes astrology. Primarily Blame the stars will  act as  an intermediary between the Nepalese living abroad and the astrologer living in Nepal however, it  doesn't mean  that our clients are  Nepalese only  it could be anyone who are interested in Vedic astrology from inside and outside the  country.

Our Services

Free   services

Horoscope: Since many people  have  the habit of reading  their horoscope  every  morning either on paper or web we will make their job easy, We will  have their horoscope sent to  you  on your mobile every day.

Astrological Tips: we will also have free astrological tips such as remedies, astrological solutions

Astrological fun facts: To  make astrology fun we will be  providing  fun facts about astrology which are amusing  and interesting  to  read  and  will keep your faith alive for  astrology.

Paid services:
Predictions: We  will be providing different services such  life predictions  which is based on career, love, marriage  and health  and also counseling and  solutions to the  problems from  the  best astrologers in  town.

One Questions:  Since  not  all  want to have their  life  predicted time  and again also there might be other  question that one  might  one to  ask which is  not directly related to  their personal life such  so we are providing a service in  which  a  service where our clients can  ask one question at one time.

Further Plans
Our further plans are to  build an interface in our  services where our clients can  directly make an appointment  with astrologers involved with us and later on can have direct connection through mediums such as video conferencing, phone, or chat.

Products: we will also be providing blamethestars products such as  hand  written cheena, gemstones, and other astrological services.

Vastu services, Graha shanty services, matrimonial services  are  also are as a part of our further plans.

Our strength:
Brand: Blamethestars has already been running as free web service for astrology so it has created a brand name for itself in the market

Simplicity:  the services and products will be as simple with minimal use of astrological jargons and if used would be explained to our clients properly.

Our Team : Our Team members are from diverse backgrounds  we  consists of MBA, programmers, database  expert, designers and astrologer  which  would  consistently help us understand the market and our clients to innovate our  services and  products.


Stage of Idea:
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dixit bhatta
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