Feb 26, 2013 - 11:13:44

Problem Domain:

How many times have you wished to plant trees? Did you get your wish fulfilled? We think not, as we’ve also come across the same situation. We know there are many others who are compelled to drop their wishes of plating trees in lack of sufficient mechanism.

The major reasons for not planting may be:

  1. Unavailability of land, or not knowing where to plant trees
  2. Unavailability of plants or not knowing where to get seeds/plants
  3. Lack of plantation skills
  4. Busy schedule lack of time
  5. Hard to care plant after plantation

There are so many organizations and associations urging people to plant and conserve trees. But their urging is only limited to the ads in media which is not what we need. We need the proper mechanism from which we can plant trees easily without any hassles.

With the need of such a platform, the idea of Birthday Forest was conceived.

What is Birthday Forest?

Birthday forest is a platform that lets user to plant trees on their birthday.  Using ubiquitous mobile platform and Internet as a medium, we intend to penetrate all kind of users both in urban and rural areas of Nepal (including Nepalese abroad). Our vision is to use information technology to reach wide population and give them a cause, a feeling of ownership and a feeling of self-satisfaction on their contribution to the environment.

We also intend to involve students by collaborating with schools, to plant trees on their behalf. Through our platform students will be able to plant trees free of cost on their birthday, giving them exposure to the importance of planting trees in their early stage hence making them realize their responsibility towards environment.

With feedback of people, we are now trying to extend the idea of planting trees on “Community Forest”. Birthday forest is also working to make the possibility of planting trees on streets as well.

How does it work?

  • User will be able to use “birthday forest” interface to select forest/ street location (we are working on multiple platforms to reach wider population).
  • Next they can select saplings favorable on their selected forest/ street.
  • Cost of saplings depends on units / user type / geo-location of forest as price will differ from place to place.
  • Once the payment goes through user can wait for the status to change from “pending” to “planted” and share it with their friends on social media and be happy on their contribution to the environment.

Where and how trees will be planted?

Birthday forest will cooperate with community forest / government agencies to make the space available. We will also cooperate with necessary stakeholders to make the plants available along with workers to take care of plants.

What's the benefit?

  1. Contribute to nature to maintain eco-system.
  2. Control on adverse effect of deforestation like soil erosion, loss in animal habitat, biodiversity loss, effect in watershed, noise pollution.
  3. Awareness / realization of ownership and responsibility towards environment to people.
  4. Creating employment opportunity by involving micro-workers.
  5. Creating a feeling of companion to the person who has planted trees.
  6. Feeling of happiness and self-satisfaction among people on their birthday.

Business Model

Birthday Forest charges its user for planting trees via its system. If a user plants a tree successfully then 20% of the revenue will be shared with Birthday Forest whereas 80% of revenue will be shared with community forest.

Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_WsXAr2GpM

Website: http://birthdayforest.org

Stage of Idea:
Idea Conception


Samrakchan Ghimire
(Team Leader)