Mar 15, 2013 - 23:30:35

This application is based on Global Positioning System (GPS). Today, if GPS can be used properly, we can take many advantages. It can be helpful to do many things conveniently and easily. It can save time, save life and serve humanity as a humble tool. Ambulance Sewa is an app built on the core of GPS for that purpose.

A little time can make a big difference while dealing with our health specially at the emergencies. At such phases, compromise is unacceptable . How can we minimize that painful time, how can we make sure we have not wasted that crucial time that can be life savior ? Can we access all the available mediums easily and quickly ? The answer is "NO"

By using this app, it will help us to find the ambulances that is near our location. Ambulances are constantly moving. If we can track the ambulances with GPS, we can enhance the service provided by an ambulance more prominently. For this we need GPS navigation devices(mobiles/other devices) in each ambulance. This app will work as a search engine which returns the details of the ambulances near to the location. We can then decide which one is within the closest vicinity from our point and will arrive sooner. We can then direct that particular ambulance to our point. Thus, it will save time and eventually save life.

We have heard "a friend in need is friend indeed", and we are sure "Ambulance Sewa" app will fall into this category soon.

Stage of Idea:


Brinda Shakya
(Team Leader)