Mar 12, 2013 - 17:31:01

Majority of the people in our country are still associated with farming. The farmers of  our country are still practising traditional and rudimentary ways of farming. They are unfamiliar with the modern ways of farming which includes various techniques such as crop rotation, organic farming, seasonal farming etc.

The proposed app provides farmers with useful tips and techniques which may result in better crop production. It includes the following :

1. Information regarding suitable crop according climatic conditions.

2. Soil information(PH value, fertility of soil etc)

3. Providing platform for farmers to get in touch with NARC (Nepal Agricultural Research Council ) as well as other farmers and others NGO's related to Agriculture.

4. Current Market Price and other statistics regarding crops, vegetables and fruits.

5. Notifications about availibity of agricultural goods like fertilizers, pesticides etc.

6. Monitoring Progress and keeping track of records regarding amount of production.

7. Information regarding various Banking Schemes and Agriculture Fund.

8. Using pictures provided by the user / farmer regarding agricultural products and equipments for better communication. 

Stage of Idea:
Idea Conception


Prashanta Neupane
(Team Leader)