Mar 15, 2013 - 23:15:56


This app derives its logic from the concept of the "Notice Board" itself. When one thinks of a notice board -schools, organizations, public -  anyone is free to post their messages. We find the most intriguing messages, posters, quotes of the day, wedding announcements and whole a lot more ‘stuff’  on them.


Posting: Posting notices and messages are easy. One way to do it is to send a SMS to 1234 saying “I hav 2 local chicken (bhaley) ready to be cooked and eaten. #ktm#meat” or “I luv u bhuntey. - ur Bhunti”. Another way to post messages is through सुचनाBoard app or web interface.”


Display: The notices and messages can be viewed (like on a real noticeboard) inside the सुचनाBoard app or the web interface. The content is categorized according to places (#ktm, #pkr), type of messages(#sports, #news, #info, #ad, #request), priority (#emergency, #ASAP), dates and so on.
For SMS users, query can be made through SMS like “#ktm#photography” or “#pkr#news” upon which the system will reply with an appropriate message or notice (photography service in Kathmandu or news from Pokhara).


Features: The सुचनाBoard will be both mobile app and SMS app based system servicing a wide range of mobile users. Some of its features are:

  • Filter Options: On the model based on # tags, users will be able to filter the notice boards application according to their preferences. Tags will feature the following categories:

    • Government Offices/Institutions

    • Companies (Public and Private)

    • Schools (Public and Private)

    • General Public

  • Spam Options: This mechanism will help both the system administrators and users to block spam messages.

  • Profanity Filters: This application’s main model being based on the “Open Concept” will be very language sensitive, i.e., the language being used on posts.   

  • Post Popularity and User Badges: Message display positions get priority according to user post popularity and badges user earns.


Monetization: The sources of revenue for this app are from the SMS charges (after paying telecom providers), monthly subscription charges, ads and priority posting charges.

Stage of Idea:
Idea Conception


Rakeeb Rajbhandari
(Team Leader)