Krishak Chautari / कृषक चौतारी

We are conceptualizing an app that would totally focus on the activities of nepalese farmers who are facing different sort of problems in agro related day to day activities. Krishak Chautari (कृषक चौतारी) will be a hub of nepalese farmers where they can forward queries about their agricultural activities to our team using this application. App will also have feature to access camera to take images of plants and animals which can be forwarded to us as supporting materials for their queries.


eSewa is an online payment gateway with hosted wallet as Nepal’s first online payment gateway in order to foster the e-commerce and also to bring the financial services to the unbanked sector as well.

With the massive increasing mobile users in Nepal, eSewa provides the only payment gateway for various transactions. Now using the eSewa app, available for all mobile platforms including Android, iPhone, Java and Blackberry, eSewa service users can make payments to various merchants and Service Providers, transfer money with simple gestures from their phone.


" We are constructing an information highway between businesses and their customers. Our objective is to establish a new media involving mobile phones, that is easy, accessible, cost effective and effecient.
Why mobile phones ? because they are so near and dear to everybody, we carry it wherever we go: from kitchen to the restrooms. from office to fitness clubs. everywhere."

How often have you asked the following questions to yourself?

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