What is Pivot Nepal ?

Pivot Nepal is an initiative to bring out entrepreneurial spirit within mobile application developer community in Nepal. It is a platform for mobile app developers and other mobile enthusiasts to bring forward their creative and innovative mobile app ideas, products and prototypes that has the potential to stand out as a sustainable business in itself.

If you have some killer mobile app ideas and concepts that you think will work in Nepalese context and has the potential to be scaled up at an International level this is the right avenue for you to submit your idea and take it forward. At the same time, if you already have conceived and developed mobile app and are looking to develop business around it, this is the right place for your to submit your concept and take it forward.

What are the categories ?

Ideas, concepts, prototypes or finished products can be submitted under following categories

Business and Financial Services

Mobile technologies have brought revolution in the way different business verticals operate with enhanced productivity and efficiency these days. Usage of mobile phones are no longer limited to communication but have the potential to be an integral part of business processes as a whole. Mobile technologies are used to deliver financial services like transfer of funds, utilities payment, etc. They can be used for transaction of goods and services and also for enhancing customer service, service accessibility, etc. in different business segments.

Applications, concepts and ideas submitted under this category should look at providing mobile technology based solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity in different business and financial sectors.

Social Development

Mobile technologies offer great opportunity to deliver services that matter to society at large. With mobile coverage already reaching more than 60% of the population, the prospect of using mobile technologies in sectors like agriculture, health, environment, governance, etc. for better service delivery is even more prominent.

We look for concepts, ideas and applications that aim to solve existing problems through adoption of mobile technologies in specific thematic areas like health, agriculture, governance, etc.

Utilities and Entertainment

With improved hardware and software stack, the power of mobile phones can be used for various utility aspects to assist individuals and organizations in their day to day activities. Mobile CRM, scheduled messaging, mobile data backup, personalized news readers, etc. are just very few examples of such utilities that mobile applications can bring in. At the same time, the way people play games, watch movies, interact with each other, etc. have never been better than before because of mobile technologies.

We seek innovative and creative submissions in terms of ideas, concepts, prototypes and products that has the prospect to provide enriched entertainment or utility services to wider population using mobile technologies.

What is the Process ?

Following the proven model of Pivot East in East Africa, organizers will adopt following  methodology for the event.

  • Registration and submission of ideas/concepts/prototypes/products by individual teams based on challenge categories within specified time frame (Feb 25 - March 15, 2013). You first need to register here to be able to submit your idea. If you have already registered you can login and submit your idea here
  • An independent jury comprising of expert professionals and evangelists on mobile entrepreneurship will select 5 most promising teams under each category. 
  • Selected 15 teams (5 under each category) will undergo rigorous face2face as well as virtual mentorship, training and guidance on several aspects of their project with selected mentors and coaches for a period of one month.
  • Each of the selected team will refine their ideas, develop business cases and a minimum value product within the event time period.
  • Each team will pitch their product and business case to an international panel of judges and other stakeholders including investors, technical experts, business leaders, etc.
  • Winners under each category and an overall winner will be announced at the end of pitching event who will be rewarded with cash and other prizes.
  • Organizers will work with each of the winners and other finalists  and collectively explore the possibility of connecting them to relevant stakeholders (investors, incubators, etc.) both at the local and international level.

What is the criteria for participation ?

Our objective behind the event is to bring out most promising mobile app ideas from Nepalese community which is innovative and can be taken for building a strong business case both for local and international market. Hence, we have have a very stringent criteria for participation as follows.

  • This competition is only for teams. You have to apply as a team of at least two people and not as an individual. Teams can be from a established company working on an in-house mobile app product, a start-up company, a group of students from an educational institute, a team of freelancers, an informal group of friends, etc. If you are working alone, you need to team up with relevant individuals to be part of the competition.
  • The idea, concept or product that is submitted can be at any stage. They could be in idea conception phase, planning phase, development phase or implementation phase.
  • The idea, concept or product that is submitted must have the features of novelty, innovation and creativity. We are not  just looking for a local version of existing ones.
  • The submitted idea must have a strong component of mobile technology. We are not looking for ideas that is very promising but does not have emphasis on using existing mobile technology (hardware, software, connectivity, etc.) and solutions.
  • Individual teams have to take the total responsibility for any infringement of intellectual property or other legal issues related to their submissions.
  • The competition is open to teams with at least one team member being a Nepali citizen and currently residing within Nepal.

What are the prizes ?

Out of 15 finalists (5 under each category), there will be 3 category winners who will receive USD 1,000 each. Plus, there will be an overall winner who will receive additional cash prize of USD 3,000. One member of the overall winning team will also get the opportunity to participate in a fully funded trip to international mobile event to pitch and showcase their product. Plus, there will be  more prizes for finalists and winners contributed by local sponsors.

Who are behind Pivot Nepal ?

Pivot Nepal is organized by MobileNepal and infoDev, The World Bank  with  Nepalese Young Entreprneurs' Forum (NYEF) and YoungInnovations as co-organizer. It is being supported by Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

As we move along, we will have more supporters and partners on board as well.